September 26, 2012 Fall Membership Orientation

2012 Tinsel Tree and AAUW Wreath


September 26, 2012 Fall Membership Orientation

AAUW Huntsville Branch held its Fall 2012 Membership Orientation on September 26, 2012, at UAH’s Shelby Hall.


Cindi Branham welcomes everyone to the member orientation and gives an overview of AAUW.

AAUW Huntsville Branch President, Cindi Branham, welcomed everyone and began the orientation with an overview of AAUW National.


Amanda Jarrett (left) and Ellie Lienau (right) discuss AAUW's story and legacy

AAUW Huntsville co-VPs of Funds, Amanda Jarrett (left) and Ellie Lienau (right), talked about AAUW’s story and legacy. They also explained how AAUW funds are spent.


Wanda Foster explains the benefits of joining AAUW.

Wanda Foster, AAUW Alabama President and AAUW Huntsville Branch Marketing Chair, discussed the benefits of being a member of AAUW.


Carol Roach presented AAUW Huntsville Branch's history.

Carol Roach gave a delightful presentation on the AAUW Huntsville Branch history, which was established in 1949.


Anna Blair discusses AAUW's Public Policy work.

Anna Blair (“Blair”), co-Chair of Public Policy, discussed the work of AAUW. Blair is excited about AAUW’s commitment to Public Policy and directed everyone to tools and information on the national Web site.


Sherry Anderson explains the tiers of AAUW membership.

Sherry Anderson, AAUW Huntsville Branch Membership Chair, explained the tiers of memebership at AAUW.


Ellie Lienau explains Branch opportunities.

Ellie Lienau, AAUW Huntsville Branch co-VP of Funds, explained the many opportunities in which members can actively participate in the Branch.
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2012 Tinsel Tree and AAUW Wreath

The Huntsville Times and AL.com sponsored their 2nd Annual Tinsel Trail at Big Spring Park in downtown Huntsville, AL.

New member, Devon Reynolds, created the AAUW wreath, which was displayed at the Madison Library.

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