2013 AAUW Convention in New Orleans

AAUW Convention Card2013 Convention Announcement

IMG_1452 Convention Event Locations


IMG_1520Opening Night Dinner



“The Evening Stars” an all-women jazz band.
L-R: Meghan Swartz (piano), Aurora Nealand (saxophone/clarinet), Belinda Moody (string bass), Amy Sharpe (banjo), and Marla Dixon (trumpet)



IMG_1532L-R: Cindi Branham, Sherry Anderson, and Ellie Lienau



Carol R. Virostek, presenting the newest AAUW Fund, the Carol R. Virostek Campus Leadership Opportunities Fund




IMG_1546State Presidents Dance through the Crowd

IMG_1550AAUW State President, Wanda Foster

IMG_1557Out-going AAUW President, Carolyn H. Garfein, at the Opening Ceremony


Panel for “Equal Pay, 50 Years Later”
L-R: Keith T. Hill (Director, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, New Orleans Office), Lilly Ledbetter (Author and Activist), Lisa Maatz (AAUW Vice President of Government Relations), and Catherine Hill (AAUW Director of Research)

IMG_1571Lilly Ledbetter and Beverly Watson



L-R: Devon Reynolds and Esther Ngumbi at the workshop, “Empowering Women and Girls: The Key to Global Success.” Esther was awarded the AAUW International Fellowship in 2007-8.

IMG_1613AAUW Logos through the Years

IMG_1614AAUW Alabama Members with Lilly Ledbetter

IMG_1616Lilly Ledbetter and Devon Reynolds

IMG_1618Lilly Ledbetter and Cindi Branham

IMG_1629Tuesday Night Banquet

IMG_1641Cindi Branham and Wanda Foster



Linda T. Alepin, Recipient of the 2013 AAUW Eleanor Roosevelt Award



Olympia Snowe (R-ME). Recipient of the 2013 AAUW Achievement Award



Melissa Harris-Perry, Recipient of the 2013 AAUW Alumnae Recognition Award.



Ms. Harris-Perry was unable to attend. Her mother, Diane, a member of the New Orleans Branch, accepted the award in behalf of her daughter.



Cynthia D’Amour gave her presentation on “How to Get Beyond ‘We’ve Always Done It That Way.'”


IMG_1700Carolyn H. Garfein passing on the AAUW Presidency to Patricia Fae Ho

IMG_1702New AAUW President, Patricia Fae Ho

IMG_17032013 AAUW President and newly-elected Directors

IMG_1706Announcement that the 2015 AAUW Convention will be in San Diego!