About Us

The Huntsville Branch of AAUW was chartered in 1949 and was devoted to “intangible areas” of enrichment of the community. It initiated the tours of historic homes in 1951 to emphasize the rich architectural heritage of the city.

When funds were needed for a new library in 1958, AAUW of Huntsville organized a group known as “Friends of the Library,” which sponsored legislation enabling the city to build it in 1966. That group is still in existence today and provides significant support to the library.

The Huntsville Branch has a rich history of supporting equity and educational issues at the local, state and national levels and involvement in matters of local and state interest.

Other projects have included initiation of the Alabama Writer’s Conference and Legislative Forums. AAUW is actively supporting Constitutional reform in Alabama.

Our current “Interest” groups include:

    • Great Decisions – a foreign policy discussion group
    • Assemblage – gather for attendance at various cultural events in the area
    • Lunch.com – a weekly lunch group
    • ¡Adelante! – book of the month club

Who We Are…

    • AAUW members have monthly meetings with programs from September through May.
    • AAUW holds the “Breaking through Barriers” luncheon with speaker of note, providing scholarships to the annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders.
    • AAUW members work with elementary students each week leading discussions of readings from the Junior Great Books.
    • AAUW members sing and perform with “Singing Sisterhood.”
    • AAUW members assist and judge at the Alabama Science and Engineering Fair sponsored by and held at The University of Alabama in Huntsville.
    • AAUW partners with the Women’s Economic Development Council and other organizations on appropriate projects.
    • AAUW members support and provide volunteers for the Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Galaxy of Lights.
    • AAUW members support and volunteer at WLRH and WJAB during the twice-yearly fundraisers.
    • AAUW members participate in training individuals who wish to run for office with “Ready to Run,” a state AAUW project.