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July Book

Stolen Beauty: A Novel
by Laurie Lico Albanese

Adele Bloch-Bauer’s life in 1900s Vienna is charmed: She is beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, and in contact with some of the greatest figures of her time including artist Gustav Klimt, for whom she is a model and a lover. In that same city in 1938, her niece, Maria Altmann, watches in horror as the Nazis invade Austria and turn Vienna into a war zone. When the Gestapo arrive at her home, determined to transfer her property into non-Jewish hands, Maria must go to unimaginable lengths to survive and keep her family — and its history — alive. Stolen Beauty breathes life into the story of the two extraordinary women behind one of Gustav Klimt’s most famous paintings: one the model who became The Woman in Gold and the other who saved it from near destruction.

Recommended by Anita Crane, AAUW Hill Country, Inc. (TX) Branch