December 2022 Meeting

“Promoting STEM to Underrepresented Groups in Engineering via Project-Based Learning” by Christina L. Carmen, Ph.D.

Co-VP of Programs Barbara Price introducing Dr. Carmen at the meeting

Dr. Carmen telling us about herself, the company she founded (Talon), and her passion for getting underrepresented groups into STEM

The agenda for the evening

AAUW Huntsville Branch Members

The Group Activity of the Evening:  Time to Design a Spacecraft! (In 10 Minutes!)

Requirement: Delegate a Lead Project Engineer, who’ll listen to the other “engineers” and decide what design will be used

Requirement: Use the square cardboard base

Requirement: Use the clear plastic cups to contain the two large marshmallows, aka, “The Astronauts”

Requirement: Spacecraft assembly

Five teams presented their prototypes

The BIG test:  Spacecraft landings

And the aftermath of spacecraft landings….

Barbara Price handing our wonderful speaker a thank you gift from AAUW

AAUW Co-President Diane Schofield discussing Branch business

Mary Witherspoon announcing the when and where of the Great Decisions study group

Secretary June Wilson telling members about the AAUW Adelante book club