November 2022 Meeting

AAUW Huntsville with Interfaith Mission Service Joint Meeting

Navigating the Journey of Life
Identifying the Tools Needed for Mind, Body, and Spirit
IMS 2nd Annual Women’s Conference
Saturday, November 5, 2022

Welcome from IMS Chairperson Patricia Smith

Emcee of the Conference, Alex Torres-Perez

Breathing Therapies – Shea Yarbrough

Gentle Yoga – Pan Herdy

Video Prayer 1 — Karen Colbert, Jewish Prayer/Prayer Shawl

Crisis Services – Adde Waggoner

Video Prayer 2 — Deborah Abu Alrub, Islamic Faith

Volunteering – Cathy Miller

Video Prayer 3 — Judy Gregory, Roman Catholic Rosary

Labyrinth – Katie Sanders

Healing Steps Labyrinth

Women’s Conference Thank You

IMS Chairperson and Speakers