Join Us

New and renewal membership in AAUW can be completed in one of two ways:

1. Check payment to our Treasurer.  The dues for full members are $97 (or $30 for Life members; students whether undergraduate or graduate, pay no branch and state dues and either 0 (if the C/U institution belongs to AAUW) or $18.81 (if the college or university does not belong to AAUW) for national dues. For students that pay no dues, please inform the treasurer. For everyone else send a check made out to AAUW to:

AAUW Huntsville
P.O. Box 2228
Huntsville, AL 35804

2. Join online.
1. Go to the AAUW website ( For new members, follow the steps online.  For renewing members, follow steps 2 through 8, below.

2. Click on either the join or login button at the top of the page. The login button means that you have logged into the Member Services Database before, so skip to #6 below.
3. Find the join/renew branch members on the next screen.
4. Login to the MSD (membership services database)
5. For first time users, click on that button. You will need your membership number, which Ellie Lienau can give you. Then go to #7 below.
6. For those that have logged in before, know your membership number and the password you used and put them in.
7. On the list at the left, click on renew my membership and follow the instructions.
8. They will send you an email for your renewal.

Click on the below link to view the latest AAUW brochure that has a membership application:

2022-2023 AAUW Huntsville Branch Brochure